Photos from The Sum of the Parts at MD Art Place by Cara Ober

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In The Sum of Parts, Boone-McCreesh has brought together four contemporary East Coast artists who utilize repetative processes as the engine to building larger works. Sculpture, installation and drawing are explored through techniques such as knitting, cutting paper and mold-making for this multi-media exhibition.

Artists: Emily Barletta, Lauren Clay, Jerry Kaba and Nikki Painter.

Installation by Nikki Painter
Sculpture by Emily Barletta
Curator Amy Boone-McCreesh
Emily Barletta
MAP Director Amy Cavanaugh Royce introduces the Curator and Artists
Curator Amy Boone-McCreesh discusses her ideas
Lauren Clay
Nikki Painter
Emily Barletta
Jerry Kaba
Jerry Kaba
Nikki Painter and Lauren Clay
Nikki Painter
Emily Barletta
Lauren Clay
Sculpture by Jerry Kaba
Nikki Painter
Thread Drawings by Emily Barletta
Amy Boone-McCreesh, Lauren Clay, Nikki Painter
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