Magazine Release Parties

Our biannual release parties are designed to celebrate the accomplishments of the artists featured in our print journals and are an opportunity to come together as a creative community in Baltimore’s most iconic locations. Hosted each spring and fall since 2015, BmoreArt’s magazine release parties attracted 500+ guests with each location based on the theme of the publication. Past parties include the Engineer’s Club (Beauty Issue), The Walters Art Museum (Legacy Issue), The Parkway Theatre (Body Issue) and the Pratt Library Central Branch (Archive Issue).

Pre-pandemic, we offered general tickets for about 500 guests for an event including food, cocktails, and a copy of our newest issue. These events were community celebrations and fundraiser, with proceeds go directly to the production of our next print issue and support independent journalism in Baltimore. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we were not able to host magazine release parties for Issues 09 and 10, and we started a new Subscription Service to make up for lost revenue.

The good news: We are now able to offer smaller sized release events with tickets reserved for those who have SUBSCRIBED at the Artist Level ($100 a year) or above. Head to our subscriptions page to consider our membership plans and options if you want to join us for our next magazine release event!


Release party at Current for Issue 12: More is More in November 2021


The BmoreArt Journal of Art + Ideas launched its first print edition in November, 2015. To celebrate the new publication, we hosted a party at Maryland Art Place on November 17, 2015. The ticketed event was sold-out with 300+ attendees! It was generously sponsored by the Robert W. Deutsch Foundation, Pixilated, Union Craft Brewing, BOPA, and Maryland Art Place.

That night we danced to the tunes of DJ Ellen Degenerate, ate homemade tacos by our Not So Starving Artist food critic Katie Boyts, clapped our hands for Baltimore’s newest print journal, and distributed 500+ copies of the magazine. It was the beginning of a new era and vision at the publication, and for each subsequent thematic issue, we have hosted large celebrations for those in the publication as well as those who support it, at Baltimore’s most iconic venues.

Guests at the release for Issue 14: Environment at the MD Zoo

Photos from past launch parties:

Issue 01: Place hosted at Maryland Art Place
Photos by Theresa Keil

Issue 02: Money hosted at Area 405
Photos by Amanda Bowrosen

Issue 03: Legacy hosted at The Walters Art Museum
Photos by Rob Clatterbuck

Issue 04: Community hosted at The Baltimore Eagle
Photos by Faith Couch and Pixilated

Issue 05: Beauty hosted at The Engineers Club
Photos by Theresa Keil

Issue 06: Home hosted at Union Craft Brewing
Photos by Jill Fannon

Issue 07: Body hosted at the Parkway Theatre
Photos by Theresa Keil

Issue 08: Archive hosted at the Enoch Pratt Library Central Branch
Photos by Vivian Doering

[Pause for the pandemic: Issues 09-11]

Issue 12: Comfort hosted at Current Space
Photos by Elena Volkova

Issue 13: Collect hosted at the BMA Sculpture Garden and Gertrude’s Deck
Photos by Elena Volkova and Jill Fannon

Issue 14: Environment hosted at the Maryland Zoo Mansion
Photos by Oliver Maddox